Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When can I apply?

You can apply between June 1st and July 15th for the winter semester which starts in October. In addition, you can apply between December 1st and January 15th for the summer semester, starting in April.

Does it make a difference, whether I start in summer or winter?

No, the courses are independent from each other so that both starting dates are equally well suited.

How can I apply?

The application has to be done online via the University’s SIM portal. The portal is accessible via:

Which documents do I need to upload during the application process?

o  your latest transcript of records including the current cumulative grade
o  a letter of motivation which answers why you want to pursue your studies in the Biotechnology Master program at Saarland University.
o  a detailed résumé (curriculum vitae).
o  your Bachelor diploma (or Abitur or any other university entrance certificate in case the Bachelor certificate has not yet been obtained
o  For non-German applicants: Official German language certificate (Goethe C1, DSH2, TDN4 or higher qualification levels).

Optionally, you can add a diploma supplement providing details about your present studies, an English or internship certificate or a letter of recommendation.

After my application, when can I expect a response from the committee?

The selection panel meets shortly after the deadline (July 15th and January 15th, respectively). You will be informed about the decision of your application within short time, usually 1-2 weeks.

Which preliminary studies are accepted?

To be selected for the Master program, you must possess a bachelor’s degree in biology, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Biophysics, Pharmacy, Bioinformatics or a related life science field. In case you have doubts please provide a diploma supplement with your application.

Can I get a provisional admission when I do not meet the German proficiency yet?

Yes, but only you are currently participating in a German class of the required C1 level or preparing for a German language test (DSH2, TDN4) that will testify your proficiency. In this case, you have to submit a document that proves your participation in such a class during your application. You have to hand in the attestation of the German language test until the beginning of the semester to get fully accepted.

Why is German C1 required?

About two thirds of the lectures, seminars, practical courses, and teamwork are held and carried out in German. As example, the master’s program contains German lectures about fundamental as well as advanced topics of Metabolic Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Mathematics, Molecular Biotechnology, Bioanalytics, etc. which have to be well understood in order to successfully pass the program and get prepared for the German job market.

Which GPA grade threshold do I need to be accepted?

The number of available places in the program is limited to 18 per year. Depending on the number of applicants and the number of free places the required GPA varied between 2.2 and 2.6 (numerus clausus equivalent: 2.4-2.8) over the past years (scale: best grade = 4, lowest grade (passed) = 1).

Are there are any means to improve my grade?


What are "Auflagenfächer"?

In case you have missed fundamentals in Biochemistry, Genetics, and Microbiology during your previous education, the commission will add these courses to your curriculum to complete your profile. You will be conditionally accepted until you attend these imposed lectures.

How high are the study fees?

The semester fee varies and lies between 250 and 300€ per semester. A bus / train ticket for the Saarland region is included:

Are there any scholarships or other ways to finance my studies at UdS?

There are several possibilities to reduce study costs. More details can be found here:

My question is not in the FAQs, where can I get answers?

Please contact the coordinator of the Biotechnology Master program Dr. Michael Kohlstedt via mail ( or phone (+49 (0)681 302-71974).