Absolvierte Seminare der Biotechnologie


Termin Titel Vortragende/r Präsentation Ausarbeitung
2016 - 2018
18.07.2018 Masterseminar Madeleine Scherer
18.07.2018 Masterseminar Manuel Gehl
11.07.2018 Biomining—biotechnologies for extracting and recovering metals from ores and waste materials Christopher Ruf
11.07.2018 Bacterial perspectives on the dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes in domestic wastewater bio-treatment systems: beneficiary to victim Madeleine Scherer
11.07.2018 Master Seminar Samy Aliyazdi
20.06.2018 Masterseminar Janine Caspari
20.06.018 Conversion of wastes into bioelectricity and chemicals by using microbial electrochemical technologies Christopher Ruf
20.06.2018 Innovating a nonconcentional yeast platform for producing shikimate as the buildingblock of high-value aromatics Samy Aliyazdi
13.06.2018 High-Throughput Single-Cell Cultivation on Microfluidic Streak Plates Daniel Unrath
13.06.2018 Masterseminar Sabrina Schnur
06.06.2018 Masterseminar Nicola Flath
06.06.2018 Masterseminar Kai Pandera
06.06.2018 Biotechnical production of trehalose through the trehalose synthase pathway Sabrina Schnur
30.05.2018 Metabolic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for fermentative production of  chemicals in biorefinery Saskia Altmaier pdf pdf
30.05.2018 Masterseminar Sarah Pauli
30.05.2018 (Some) current concepts in antibacterial drug discovery Sabrina Schnur pdf pdf
23.05.2018 Erythritol as sweetener-wherefrom and whereto? Samy Aliyazdi pdf pdf
23.05.2018 Stabilized gene duplication enables long-term selection-free heterologous pathway expressio Madeleien Scherer pdf pdf
09.05.2018 Cyanobacteria as a platform for biofuel production  Marie-Sophie Ehrlich pdf pdf
09.05.2018 Novel insights into biosynthesis and uptake of rhamnolipidds and their precursors Julia Wildfeuer pdf pdf
02.05.2018 Molecular tools for gene manipulation in filamentous fungi. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol Sarah Haenelt pdf pdf
02.05.2018 Expression of single-domain antibody in different systems. Daniel Unrath pdf pdf
25.04.2018 DNA methylation assay using droplet-based DNA melting curve analysis (2018) Lab Chip. 18, 514-521 

Viktoria Wagner pdf pdf
25.04.2018 Extracellular electron transfer in acetogenic bacteria and its application for conversion of carbon dioxide into organic compounds. Manuel Gehl pdf pdf
18.04.2018 D12 Engineering cyanobacteria to improve photosynthetic production of alka(e)nes 
Carolin Himmel pdf pdf
18.04.2018 Biotechnological production of value-added compounds by ustilaginomycetous yeasts Nicola Flath pdf pdf

Rational design and metabolic analysis of Escherichia coli for effective production of L-tryptophan at high concentration

Fähzan Ahmad pdf pdf
31.01.2018 Masterseminar Lukas Jungmann
31.01.2018 The Evolving Role of Natural Products in Drug Discovery. Koehn and Carter (2005) Nat. Rev. Drug Discov. 4, 206-20 Ez Eddin Kheuri
31.01.2018 Masterseminar Alexander Alexejev
24.01.2018 Masterseminar Katharina Spieß
24.01.2018 B10. Recent advances in biotechnological applications of alcohol dehydrogenases Jan Bost pdf pdf
17.01.2018 Masterseminar Regina Walter
17.01.2018 A Comparison of Monomeric Phenols Produced from Lignin by Fast Pyrolysis and Hydrothermal Conversions. Du et al. (2013) Alexander Alexejev pdf pdf
10.01.2018 Downstream process development in biotechnological itaconic acid manufacturing Andreas Besslich pdf pdf
10.01.2018 Precise and reliable gene expression via standard transcription and translation initiation elements

Viktoria Wagner pdf pdf

In vitro Engineering of Novel Bioactivity in the Natural Enzymes

Tina Maarefvand pdf pdf
03.01.2018 L-Ribose isomerase and mannose-6-phosphate isomerase: properties and applications for L-ribose production Janine Caspari pdf pdf
03.01.2018 Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for 2,3-butanediol production Kai Pandera pdf pdf
03.01.2018 Purification of bone morphogenetic protein-2 from refolding mixtures using mixed-mode membrane chromatography Nicola Flath pdf pdf

Carotenoid biosynthesis and overproduction in
Corynebacterium glutamicum.

Lukas Jungmann pdf pdf

Astaxanthin-producing green microalga Haematococcus pluvialis: from single cell to high value comercial products

Christiane Antosik pdf pdf

Enzymes useful for chiral compound synthesis: structural biology, directed evolution, and protein engineering for industrial use

Alexander Alexejev pdf pdf

A novel genetic tool for metabolic optimizatino of C. glutamicum: efficient and repetetive chromosomal integration of synthetic promotor-driven expression libraries

Saskia Altmaier pdf pdf

Bacterial membrane vesicles (MVs): novel tools as nature and nano-carriers for immunogenic antigen, enzyme support, and drug delivery

Abirtha Sivagunarajah pdf pdf

Characterization, genetic regulation and production of cyanobacterial exopolysaccharides and its applicablility for heavy metal removal

Daniel Schorr pdf pdf

Transcription factor-based biosensors in biotechnology: 

current state and future prospects
Sarah Pauli pdf pdf
06.12.2017 Enhanced integration of large DNA into E. coli chromosome by CRISPR/Cas9. Sarah Haenelt pdf pdf
06.12.2017 A survey of synthetic nicotinamide cofactors in enzymatic processes Janine Caspari pdf pdf
29.11.2017 The bud tip is the cellular hot spot of protein secretion in yeasts Sarah Pauli pdf pdf
29.11.2017 Mammalian gamete fusion depends on the inhibition of ovatacin by fetuin-B Israfil Yalcin pdf pdf
15.11.2017 Masterseminar Tatjana Malycheva
08.11.2017 Degradation of Polyethylene Terephthalate by microorganisms Fähzan Ahmad pdf pdf
25.10.2017 SUMO-fusion, purification, and characterization of a (+)-zizaene
synthase from Chrysopogon zizanioides
Kai Pandera pdf pdf
25.10.2017 Bioengineering of carbon fixation, biofules and biochemicals in cyanobaacteria and plants Lukas Jungmann pdf pdf
19.07.2017 Novel technologies provide more engineering strategies for amino acid-producing microorganisms Zhu Xiaru pdf pdf
14.06.2017 Bacterial genome stability: stress during culture and protein expression and its outcome Manuel Gehl pdf pdf
17.05.2017 Novel probes for pH and dissolved oxygen measurements in cultivations from millilitre to benchtop scale Regina Walter ppt word
17.05.2017 Metabolic engineering for amino-, oligo-, and polysugar production in microbes Katharina Spieß pdf pdf
26.04.2017 Masterseminar Demian Dietrich
26.04.2017 Masterseminar Delfa Khanlari